This is a competitive sport that numerous people are developing a huge interest in. Kickboxing is a type of sport that comprises a combination of sports that have two basic moves, kicking and punching. Initially, kickboxing was developed from Muay Thai as well as karate. However, in more recent times kick boxing is a combination of boxing and taekwondo. There are several reasons why people choose to practice kick boxing. These include for the sake of personal fitness, for self-defense and also as a competitive form of contact sport. It is the last purpose that has brought kickboxing to the realm of online gambling.

History and origin

The country of origin is Japan. The sport started around the 1960s and it hit the competitive stage then. The sport landed in America in the 1970s but only came to the limelight 1974, September when the PKA, or the Professional Karate Association, held the first ever world championships. At its initial stages, it could best be described as a hybrid version of martial arts. However, as it gained in popularity, it became even more hybridized with inclusion of other fighting techniques such as the ground techniques as well as the Brazilian jiujutsu. Folk wrestling was also another inclusion to the lot.

In the movies

Kick boxing has made its way to Hollywood and several blockbuster movies highlighting the sport have hit the big screens. In the movie, The Girl Who Played with Fire, the main characters were kick boxers. Lisbeth, a character in the movie, took up the kickboxer name of “The Wasp” based on her hacker handle. In a more recent movie, Acts of Vengence, starring Antonio Banderas, Karl Urban’s character was into kickboxing.

Modern Kickboxing

In the news

The largest league in Kickboxing currently is known as glory. The newly appointed CEO is not unfamiliar with the fighting scene. It is none other than Marshall Zelaznik, the pioneer of the UFC. His appointment is in tandem with a period in time when the combat sports such as kickboxing are booming.

Online betting

A factor that has caused an increase in the kickboxing interests is online betting or gambling on kickboxing (Gambling on kickboxing is as fun as playing at Mega Moolah online slot). Most of the modern betting websites give people the opportunity to bet on their favorite matches. The odds are laid out depending on the previous matches of the fighters and betting is as easy as clicking and paying the money.


There are several kickboxers that are renowned in the world over for their skills and contributions to the sport. One is Buakaw Banchmek who is solely responsible for increasing the recognition of Muay Thai as the best means of striking on the planet. Be sure to follow kickboxing, it is a great watch.

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