Japanese Martial Arts

Japanese martial arts is not only a physical aspect in the Japanese culture. It is an encompassing of the emotional and spiritual dimensions to help focus on spiritual improvement and self-improvement. There are two main aspects of Japanese martial arts, bujutsu and bugei. Bujutsu is the actual and practical application of the martial techniques in real a combat. Bugei on the other hand is the refining of these martial techniques and tactics for the purpose of formal education and instructing learners systematically.

History of Japanese martial arts

Japanese martial arts can be traced back to the caste system of life which restricted all the other classes from using weapons. Only the samurai community was allowed to use weapons. In addition to that, they were required to be very good with many kinds of weapons for combat. Martial arts that have been inspired by the Japanese culture tend to be more inclined to a different weaponry, skill and style. Despite the slow evolution of the Japanese weapons, there has been some development throughout the history. For example, the arrows and spears in combat was replaced by the use of swords. Japanese weapons may be classified depending on the period they gained popularity. There are very many types of schools of Japanese martial arts, each of them employing the use of different weapons.

Japanese martial arts in the movies

Even with advancing cultures and urbanization the Japanese have not lost touch with their culture. The martial arts have also advanced with advancing trends but the use of the traditional weaponry has not been faced off completely. The Japanese have even one a step further to introduce this culture in modern movies to entertain people and educate people on the Japanese culture. Some of the movies in which this culture has been portrayed greatly include the following:

The Seven Samurai

This is a movie that is based on the Japanese martial art culture. It lasts for about 5 hours and it is a story of power, battle, revenge and goodness amidst all these. It seeks to show the Japanese culture as not only powerful but also good and with morals.

Sword of Doom

This is a move with a story on the importance of the sword to the Samurai community. They believe that the sword is a part of the holder’s soul and the importance of a sword to a samurai.

Japanese martial arts and online gambling

Japanese martial arts is now not practiced for combat. Martial arts are performed as games and sports just like football and boxing. Just like other sports, people can gamble on the possible outcomes of the sport. There are many online gambling sites that enable people to place bets on the participants.


Japanese martial arts are an important aspect of the Japanese culture that has existed for centuries. The culture has evolved over the years to what it is now.

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